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UCreate Electronics Group

Established in 2001, Ucreate is a highly professional and experienced PCB and PCB Assembly Manufacturer who can offer one-stop service from PCB designing, manufacturing to PCB assembly, testing, and housing. With in-time delivery after more than 18 years of successful experience on the global EMS market. We have more than 1200 employees, 150 with highly professional who are no less than 10 years expert in PCB&PCBA field, and PCB production capacity can reaching a monthly capability of 45000 Square meters and EMS assembling capacity at 150,000,000 components per month.

Our products are widely used, Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Digital Communications, Industrial Control, and more. High-performance PCB and PCBA solutions with over 18 years, currently have over 5000 customers worldwide, we build long-term, positive relationships with our customers, based on respect, collaboration, and trust.  

Under the mission "high quality, exact delivery, customers' satisfaction, continuous development, Common innovation ", we believe that Ucreate will develop better and better with your participation.

Street Address: Xiangshui River Industrial Zone
City: Daya Bay
State: Huizhou
Country: CHiina
Phone: 86.75589230220
Street Address: Room 315, Building C, Yunhai Industrial Park
City: Longgang District
State: Shenzhen
Country: China
Regions: Asia
Sales Volumes: Large [off site]
Board Types: Quick Turn, Single Sided, Double Sided, Multi-Layer, Flex, Rigid Flex
Min Trace and Space: UnKnown
Material Vendors: Rogers
PCB Finishes: HASL - Lead Free, ENIG, Hard & Full Body Gold, OSP