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Exception PCB Solutions

The leading Printed Circuit Board and Contract Electronics Manufacturing Solutions Provider

We are dedicated to delivering innovation and service excellence to the global Electronics industry by adding value in the design, build, assembly and supply chain management of Printed Circuit Boards. We achieve this by excelling in relationship management, applied technical capability & innovative Supply Chain solutions

As one of Europe's leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturers and managed service providers, eXception has an unmatched range and breadth of offerings to meet all of your PCB requirements.  From fast turn manufacture of highly complex PCB's in the UK to high volume supply from Asia, eXception PCB Solutions team provides the full range of Printed Circuit Board requirements.  As one of Europe’s leading electronics outsourcing providers, eXception’s combination of ‘Best in Class’ manufacturing capability and Global Supply Chain Management expertise offers the lowest total cost of ownership for customers

Our UK PCB Manufacturing facility specializes in manufacturing complex and/or challenging designs, and our Integrated Design Service provides customers with access to engineering and manufacturing insight and advice early in the process. Our technical and production skills, combined with fast turnaround capability, has made us the partner of choice for customers looking to prototype or roll out low to medium volumes for New Product Introduction (NPI).  Crucially, we don’t treat these as one time transactions, but work with you to ensure reduced cost and risk throughout the product’s lifecycle

Our UK and Malaysia Service Centres support the successful outsourcing of complex high mix, low to medium volume Printed Circuit Boards.  Having a presence in Europe and Asia allows us to combine Offshore economics with Onshore levels of service, flexibility, and innovation, and by continuously scanning the Chinese and emerging Asian supply markets, we vendor manage technical and delivery performance, avoiding the problems of being tied into a small number of factories.  In addition, our development of innovative bespoke Supply Chain Management solutions is enabling customers to leverage value in aligning demand with delivery cycles.  We offer a total PCB procurement solution, de-risking the manufacturing process through the combination of manufacturing expertise and UK-based project management

With continued pressure and open dialogue from our global clients to offer true design for manufacture of reliable products, produced cost-effectively, it was clear that the natural progression for eXception to support this growing trend was to invest in the support of PCB design.  With its own in-house PCB team supporting schematic capture, library creation and full layout of complex PCB technologies, eXception has the ability to support on-site or at clients, premises using the latest design suites from Cadence, Altium and Mentor Graphics, subject to resource and clients preferred CAD systems.  eXception have forged relationships for many years with external partners to extend this capability and meet our client’s requirements


Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK. GL20 8NB


Sales Markets: Aerospace, Comercial, Defense, Industrial, Telcom, Medical, Other
Phone: 4.401684292448
Fax Number: 4.401684278999
Street Address: Tewkesbury
City: Gloucestershire
Postal Code: GL20 8NB
Country: UK, China, USA
Regions: Europe
Sales Volumes: Proto-Type, Medium, Large [off site]
Board Types: Flex, Rigid Flex
Min Trace and Space: UnKnown
Other Hole Types: Laser Drilled, Blind and Buried Vias
PCB Finishes: HASL - HAL [lead], HASL - Lead Free, ENIG, Soft Gold [bondable], Hard & Full Body Gold, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin