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Printed and Flexible Electronics Manufacturer

We are at the forefront of making rigid circuitry flexible.  Printed electronics processes are ideal for use-cases that need to be lightweight, portable, stretchable or even disposable.  
As our society becomes ever more mobile, flexible electronics applications will continue to grow for both commercial and personal applications.  Flexible electronics are being designed and used in the wearables industry as well as for healthcare and medical applications.  
The growing reality of the Internet of Things (IoT) is generating demand for networking of physical objects with embedded sensors that collect information.  Industrial OEMs looking for innovative technologies to support this demand are increasingly using printed circuitry solutions.
Cubbison has helped firms design flexible electronics for prototype R&D projects and on commercially viable production runs.  Call us today to talk about your flexible electronics use-case.



Sales Markets: Comercial
Phone: 1.8007334133
Street Address: 380 Victoria Road
City: Youngstown
State: Ohio
Postal Code: 44515
Country: USA
Regions: North America
Board Types: Flex, Metal Backed / Metal Core
Min Trace and Space: UnKnown
Material Vendors: Arlon, Dupont