APOLLOPCB- Chinese Top Quality Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

APOLLOPCB is a PCB manufacturer which specializes in PCB prototype, middle volume, and high volume PCB manufacture. Since the year 1998, we have started to present first-rate PCB mfg service to worldwide shoppers.

Buy your printed circuit boards coming from the Chinese PCB manufacturing unit, while quality managed based on Western country Philosophy.

High-quality PCB Fabricating At Cut-throat competitive PricingOur PCB fab lines are situated in China, making it easy for us to offer prime quality, tight tolerance printed circuit boards at affordable price tags.

View our full offering of PCB process Capability you are able to attain speedy PCB quote without joining, our team will answer you on your PCB project with e-mail or mobile phone. View our full process of Making a PCB!

APOLLOPCB will Benefit you

Instantaneous PCB quotes online, free of the needing to set up an account.
In Time customer care by expert staffs
100% high-quality Guaranteed, our board's suit Class 2
All orders will be checked by our engineers in advance of going to fabrication
Low Price Guarantee, no buried fees, and further service fees
PCB manufacture services for prototypes, small quantity orders, with short turn-times.
On time shipping record with 70% orders shipped earlier

Free file conversion services, E-Test, free Solder mask color, silkscreen

Our Customers tell us that they buy from us because we are RELIABLE . . . that they can count on us what we promise to do. It's as simple as that! More than 100 New Customers come to Apollopcb each month. Many of them come as referrals from our current customers satisfied with our service. We now have earned the trust of over 10,000 ENGINEERS and 6,000 CONTRACT ASSEMBLERS who depend on us for their PCB requirements.

Established in 2002, APOLLO Change Plant located at Dongguan City, it covers an area of more than 230-mu with total 1350 employees who mainly produces high-end PCBs such as high layer count rigid boards, and high-level HDI boards etc.

Established in 2011, APOLLO HYY Plant was found especially to produce single-layer FR4 and Metal Core PCBs. We gained a huge advantage immediately due to large raw materials stock condition and professional management team. We can produce PCBs max size of 1500mm*600mm in this factory with almost all kinds of materials like 22F, CEM1, CEM3, FR4, Aluminum, Copper-based PCB etc.




  • Sales Markets: Comercial, Defense
  • Street Address: FL#2 of 2nd Building, Minfu Road, No.8 Shatou Industrial Zone, Shajing Town, Bao'an District,
  • City: Guangdong
  • State: Shenzhen
  • Postal Code: 518100
  • Country: CHINA
  • Phone: 008.675529438407
  • Fax Number: 008.675529889595
  • Street Address: 03 Building A, Huafeng Smart Innovation Port
  • City: Bao'an District
  • State: Shenzhen
  • Postal Code: 518126
  • Country: China
  • Regions: Asia
  • Board Types: Single Sided, Double Sided, Multi-Layer, Rigid Flex, Metal Backed / Metal Core
  • Max Layer Count: 36
  • Min Trace and Space: .002
  • Other Hole Types: Laser Drilled
  • Material Vendors: Bergquist, Isola, Iteq, Nelco, Panasonic Megtron, Rogers
  • PCB Finishes: HASL - HAL [lead], HASL - Lead Free, ENIG, Soft Gold [bondable], Hard & Full Body Gold, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP